Located in Governors’ Bay, surrounded by hills, native bush and farm park, is Living Springs. An event, function and activity centre, managed by a charitable not-for-profit trust, Living Springs provides a retreat for school groups, corporate functions and special events.

Recently the team from New Zealand Heat Pumps, Christchurch were called in to replace the existing swimming pool heat pump with a 25 kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump. After 22 years of enjoyment, the existing heat pump compressor had deteriorated and was no longer functional.

After removing the old unit and replacing the valves and pipe, the surrounding area was tidied and the new Swimming Pool Heat Pump quickly got to work. TheSwimming Pool Heat Pump constantly exceeds customers’ expectations; it has a 5-star energy rating and the best performance in cold conditions. So it not only heats quickly, it’s also energy efficient.

The touch screen display means it’s easy to control and monitor temperature settings. Dual safety features include built-in low pressure cut out and auto shutdown when the swimming pool filters turn off.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps have become increasingly popular, and we’re seeing an increase in enquiries for these units. Because of their energy efficiency, it’s a cost effective option for heating a pool throughout the year, extending the usage on a swimming pool.

At New Zealand Heat Pumps, we know Living Springs will rely on savings and enjoyment for years to come.