As Canterbury locals, we understand first hand the devastating effects of an earthquake. That’s why the team at New Zealand Heat Pumps are committed to correctly installing all heat pump units and hot water heat pump units, using an approved earthquake restraint system.

A large unit like a hot water heat pump needs to be securely braced in order to reduce any movement or toppling during an earthquake. The damaging effects of an earthquake combined with an inadequately restrained mechanical or electrical system, can result in extensive damage not only to the heat pump unit, but to your home and possibly even serious injury to your family.

As trade professionals, installing and servicing top quality heat pump and hot water heat pump brands, New Zealand Heat Pumps guarantee that the work we do complies with correct building code requirements, including the new building code restraint.

Take a look at this hot water heat pump recently installed at a home in Oxford, using triple strapping on the 270 litre cylinder to ensure it stands up to seismic movement.