The Hot New Way to Save on Hot Water Heating

Did you know that the cost of water heating accounts for the largest part of your power bill? Save up to 70% on your hot water heating with an H20-270 Hot Water Heat Pump. As the heating professionals, New Zealand Heat Pumps supply and install Heat Pumps, Australasia’s leading hot water heat pump.


  • Efficient heating solution: reduce your power bills with an energy efficient domestic hot water heating system
  • Compact design: the water storage tank and heat pump are integrated into one compact unit
  • Intelligent controller: three settings to suit high and low demand, as well as wifi remote control
  • Timer: set the timer to heat your water during the day, maximising efficiency
  • Payback: with the savings on your hot water, your Hot Water Heat Pump could be paid back within 2 – 4 years