If you didn’t already know, your work environment has a direct impact on work performance. That means temperature, colour and noise in the office affects productivity. It stands to reason then, that getting these elements right would improve productivity.

Why are cold office environments harmful to productivity?

Studies have shown that low temperatures negatively impact staff performance. While feeling cold and uncomfortable doesn’t help, the theory behind this premise suggests that cold environments cause staff to feel distracted; they’re spending more energy trying to keep warm and less energy on concentration, inspiration and focus.

What about warm environments?

Conversely warm office environments don’t just make staff more productive, they actually make them happier too. The reason for this is our brains have difficulty distinguishing between physical and psychological sensations. In other words our brains don’t see any difference between physical warmth and psychological warmth.

So what is the optimum temperature?

Cornell University undertook a comprehensive study into the optimum temperature for best office performance. The outcome; 25 degrees celsius! So crank up your heat pump to get the most out of your staff.

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